Welcome - hope you will have owls of fun, and find some inspiration too.......

Welcome - hope you will have owls of fun, and find some inspiration too.......

Monday, March 11, 2013

Liebster Award and a Guilt trip

Hi there Friends,

Lets start with the good news that heaped more guilt on my broad duckie shoulders, but I had a disprin, lay down for a while, and the guilty feeling is now a lot less........

Patricia Basson, the Queen of altered chippies, a great teacher and a soft, humble caring person that always has a positive comment to give, awarded my blog with the Liebster Award. WOW!!! That is just so awesome!! Thank you Patricia!!!

The Liebster Award was designed to be a blog award in the pay it forward fashion. It is awarded to blogs that have fewer than 200 followers to encourage new visitors to them. Once you have been nominated, you award it to five other blogs.

The rules are: post the award on your blog, give the award to 5 bloggers who you appreciate that have fewer than 200 followers then leave a comment on their blogs to let them know you have given them this award.

So here are the 5 blogs I have chosen:

Well done, keep up the good work........ your blogs rock!!

Now back to me and my guilt!!

Profound apologies for neglecting my blog, but sometimes life gives us lemons and if you don't have a lemonade recipe ready it takes some time to get it right....

Firstly, I linked my Tim tag to his blog, but instead of just tagging the post I tagged the blog (that won't happen again, I now know what to do.) On Tim's blog he asked us so nicely to only tag the post so I figured I should abstain from posting, just now he wants to look at my tag..............lol (a girl can hope can she not?)

My 14 year old daughter and I went on a road trip to Cape Town - me to visit my friends, she to visit the orthodontist.  (five and a half hours of teenage talk and music!!!) This process repeats itself every month and it is great to spend the time with her and listen to all the things that happen in her world. The hustle and bustle of everyday life doesn't always allow the time for these discussions. It is defnitely not easy being a teenage girl in these times..... and I have to admit that the dramas and going-ons in their lives beat all of the soap operas on TV. The shock and horror also keeps one wide awake on the trip.  Fortunately she mostly played decent music and we probably looked like those dogs with the bopping heads some peole use to have in their cars. 

It was wonderful to spend time with my friends and have girly talk, a bit of scrapping (not much of that though for we talked too much) and just being together. Now during this visit I gave my friends some gifts just because I was so happy to see them and one of these gifts was going to be my next blogpost......... and it got blog-napped (yes there is now a word like that) Cathy was so impressed with my gift idea that she wants to use it at her scrapping4charity event and I was left blog-post-less (at this rate I can start my own language...lol).

There was also this big, noisy, scary thunderstorm that came past our little huddle of houses....... Boy it was loud!!!! So with one mighty boom we had no electricity and no telephones and it was a Saturday night!!!! Fortunately the municipality is really jacked up and fixed the electricity promptly on Sunday, as for the phones and the internet - its Africa. Apparently it will take about six months to really get the whole telephone service completely sorted again and until then we have intermittent or really slow internet service or nothing........grrrrrrrr

I also went off to a scrapbook retreat - but that is a post on its own. It was awesome!! I was taken out of my comfort scrapping box and now my mojo has no idea what my scrapping style is......... sigh. We will however fix it.... soon.... I hope..

So that is me with my excuses and guilt trip....... it is now all said and done and we shall move on......

I am forever in search of flower ideas. Ones I can make without dies, and cutting machines and stuff like that....... oh yes and not too much fussy cutting, rolling pinning and stuff like that. Tall order I know.....

Here are a few links to tutorials for some pretty flowers:

At Treasures from the heart blog I found a tutorial showing how to make stunning lace flowers. These I could not try because I didn't have the lace on hand but they are on my agenda to make, and they look stunning and super easy.

The Gentleman Crafter has the most awesome stuff on his blog. His attention to detail is staggering. These flowers he used on a gift album he made for someone and they look stunning...... Unfortunately I once again couldn't try them either for I only have cotton fabric and it doesn't burn like it should.

Some vintage organza ribbon flowers done by mybutterflykisses12. Arlene also has a lot of videos to watch and some nifty flower ideas.  Here is my attempt to make these ribbon flowers. I am using ribbon that is narrower than the ones she used in her tutorial. The feather is one I sent my daughter and her friends to go and fetch after they told me about the feather they saw - the friends think I am a really strange person......... and my daughter fortunately already knows this (lol) The flower is not completely how she made hers as those attempts of mine looked like they were hit by a hailstorm and then trampled by a passing bus.....

 I added another layer of ribbon to the bottom of my flower because it looked kind of iffy.  Told the girls to go catch a bird and pluck some feathers because I needed more but all I got was funny looks, some eye-rolling and a lot of giggles.......... don't know why....

A lady called Fiona has a huge amount of videos to watch on youtube with some brilliant flower ideas You can search for her videos under jennings644. One of these videos is " How to crochet a flower"

These little flowers are beauties and easy to make. I tried them with thick and thin threads, so I have some big ones and then smaller ones and then really tiny ones. Everybody that has seen them wants them and I will be busy till I am eighty to get them to all who wanted some.

So these are some of the floral inspirations I have found.  I have to admit that these look so simple to do but once you start it does take some practice to get them right. Don't give up........ Some of these flowers I still have to try once I get the right fabric, lace and ribbons.  So here is a look at another Thank You gift idea (this one I post before my road trip to Cape Town so it can not be blog-napped again..........LOL)

These are 3 of the bigger crocheted flowers, with paper rose centers, nestled inside their box lined with pretty patterned paper.

The little box made with white card stock, I added some left over pattered paper to the lid, a little thank you tag and my pretty ribbon flower. There you have a very special thank you gift.  

These little yellow flowers is an attempt at putting together some of the techniques I have seen. I used 1.5" ribbon and cut 4 circles of various sizes from it. Singe the sides of the circles so that they don't fray - be careful here because the ribbon melts very easily. I used one of those long lighters one would use to light a braai or a gas flame, it is much easier to use and it doesn't burn your fingers. After that I held the circles over a tea candle carefully so that they just crinkle. Use a tweezer to do this - it saves the finger tips!! Once again be really careful as the line between one melted mess and a crinkled effect is really fine.  After that I glued them together, placed a gem in the centre and there you have a flower.

Lastly I found this nifty idea if you run out of pearl flourishes. Handmade Pearl Flourish They are really cool and be sure to give them a try.....

Thanks for stopping by......... I had absolute mojo overload with looking at all the wonderful ideas out there on the internet. No wonder all is confused in my mojo department..a....hahaha. Still I hope these ideas inspire you to try some of them on your next lay-out or card

Creative thinking is more than just coming up 
with new ideas. It is about living life in a way 
that is open, authentic and curious. It is a 
mindset and approach to everything we do. Cyndi Burnett 

Till next time..........